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Research Positions in the Piccolo lab

Graduate students

I am always on the lookout for talented graduate students. Candidates can apply either for the master's program or PhD program here at BYU. Master's students receive partial financial support; doctoral students receive a stipend, partial benefits, and tuition coverage. Additional scholarships may also be available.

Research in my lab is highly interdisciplinary; I am interested in interviewing candidates from various educational backgrounds. Generally speaking, researchers in my lab apply computational and quantitative techniques to biomedical data. Via collaborations with researchers at other universities, we study various types of cancer and develop tools and techniques to help with diagnosing, treating, and predicting tumor development using molecular-level observations. Students in my lab gain experience analyzing large-scale biological data--including data obtained via next-generation sequencing platforms. Students in my lab may also gain experience with machine-learning methods. In performing these analyses, we place an emphasis on reproducibility and openness in science.

Qualifications: Students with a background in biology, mathematics, computer science, information technology, statistics, and/or health sciences are encouraged to apply. Information about graduate school deadlines can be found (here).

BYU is sponsored by the LDS church. Students need not be members of the church; however, each student must commit to abide by the university's Honor Code. Please contact me with any questions about what this entails.

BYU is located in Provo, Utah, nestled against the beautiful Wasatch mountain range. Canyons and ski resorts can be accessed within 30-60 minutes. Various national parks are also within driving distance.

To express interest, please email me with the following information:

  1. Your name
  2. Your education history
  3. Your employment history (if any)
  4. Whether you are interested in applying for a master's or PhD position
  5. Your general research interests and why you are interested in applying (1-2 paragraphs)
  6. A description of any experience you have had with data analysis, software development, biomedical research, etc.
  7. Your unofficial transcripts
  8. Your GRE scores (if you have taken it)
  9. Your TOEFL scores (if you have taken it)

Undergraduate students

I'm often looking for undergraduate students who want to work on research projects. Initially, students work for research credits; however, I also have funds to hire a limited number of students who demonstrate excellence. If you're interested in joining the lab, please read this.